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We Just

Got Engaged

You're super excited!

You want to continue the celebrations 
without the stress that will ensue from wedding
planning over the next half year.

You want all the nitty-gritty
details from start to finish handled.

I'll be your
Maid of Honor and Best Man


We Are

1/2 Way There

You've completed portions of your planning,
and you're at a road block.

You want to correct the course and remain within budget and maintain family expectations
- from an unbiased party.

...take my hand,
we'll make it I swear
Whoa, we're half way there...

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We Have

Everything Planned

You've planned your wedding festivities which is 4 weeks out, and all you want is to enjoy the upcoming days leading up to "I do."

You want results from your vendors, punctuality from your family, and hype from your bridal party.

I'll be the conductor

for your symphony 

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